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Concrete Cleaning





Our 3 step Process involves:

    Step 1) Pre-treat concrete surface with our own custom blend detergent mix.

                       - By pre-treating the concrete, we are able to let the detergent start working

                             on the algae growth and hard tannin stains (see images to the right).

                        - Tannin is often found under oak trees where leaves and accorns fall and is a

                             result of years of neglect.  

                        - No matter how much pressure is used, frequently these stains will no go away

                             except with the use of detergent. Often times, without the proper knowledge,

                             damage can be caused to the concrete surface from using excessive pressure,

                             resulting in a loss of the "cream coat" on the cocrete and will be left with

                             the rough aggregate exposed


    Step 2) Pressure clean with a surface cleaner.

                       - We pressure clean all flat surface with what is called a surface cleaner at no

                             more than 3,500 psi. Any more pressure could result in damage to

                             the concrete as prior stated. Many think that the higher the psi, the better

                             cleaning, however this is wrong. The key to fast and efficient cleaning is the

                             proper ratio of GPM's (gallons per minute) to PSI (pressure per square inch). Our

                             commercial grade machine delivers 8 gpm @ 3,500 psi.


    Step 3) Post-treat concrete surface for a second time with our detergent.

                       - Post-treating allows any remaining tannin staining to be lifted, often disapearing

                             within 15-30 seconds of application. Followed by a thorough rinse, leaving your

                             concrete surface lookin brand new.


Concrete cleaning is considered cleaning of any flat concrete surface. Whether it be a driveway, side walk, walk way, etc. our 3 step cleaning process will bring it back to life! 

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