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Referral Program


For every customer you refer, you will receive a 10% OFF your next service!  

The more referrals we get, the more YOU save! Get 10 coupons, and get 100% OFF!

That means we Pressure Clean your house for FREE!






















*Referrals must result in a 'Service requested/Work ordered' status in order to receive 10% off coupon. Referrals leading to bids, written proposals, and estimates, however do NOT request service, will not qualify for coupon. A total of 10 coupons can be added together to a total of 100%, however shall not exceed 100% off. When redeeming coupons, they must be produced and presented to CentraFlo prior to any services for redemption. 10% off coupon is valid for flatwork only (driveways, sidewalks, etc.). Coupon not valid on Roof cleaning, or house wash. Coupon redeemable for Residential work only. Coupons added to equal 100% off may not exceed a total value of $750. All coupons valid for 1 year of date of referral. Coupon redeemable for Residential work only.

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