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Roof Cleaning - Will Chlorine Damage My Roof?

In Orlando, FL, roof cleaning is one of our biggest residential services. We blame that on the climate of our area. It is not uncommon that just several years after you have a NEW roof installed, you will start to see black stains and algae or lichen appearing.

Because of our training, and experience, we have become Certified in roof cleaning, which means our methods and practices meet or exceed the industries standard. Occasionaly we will have clients who show concern that chemical roof cleaning, or soft wash roof cleaning may damage their roof. We have been able to provide several supporting documents and litterature from not only the regulating associations of roofing materials, but the manufactures them selves supporting out cleaning methods!

Our soft wash no pressure chemical roof cleaning is not only reccomended by the manufactures, but endorsed. We have done numerous roof cleanings over time that have been paid in full by the roof manufacture as warranty work. Costing the client no money at all! So if the manufacture is willing to support and pay for our service, I think its a safe bet to believe our service will not damage your roof!

Below is a link to the supporting documents!!

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