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 Roof Cleaning - 2 year Warranty 




All Roof Cleaning services shall include CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning's free 2-year spot treatment warranty. Warranty covers all tile, shingle, or metal roof, unless specified otherwise. Cedar Shake is not covered unless specified otherwise upon proposal. Warranty shall cover 2 years from the date of initial service and is to be included at no extra charge. 



If within the 2 years after initial service, customer feels as though the roof begins to show black spots, the customer is to contact CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning to request warranty service. CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning can request and require at least 2 pictures from the ground showing suspected problem areas. Warranty treatment should be performed no later than 6 weeks from initial warranty request. Warranty treatment shall be performed by CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning only, unless otherwise specified. There will be NO charge for warranty treatment within 2 years. There will be no pro-rated charges. Warranty has no cash value. Spot treatment warranty entails treating dirty spots, not entire roof. 



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