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Low-pressure soft wash Roof cleaning is a MUST to maintaining the life expectancy with out damaging
the roof itself. By using our professional low-pressure system along with our well developed roof wash mix, we dont just wash down the roof, but we clean the roof, killing the Moss and algae growth at the roots. The key to a safe roof cleaning is the low pressure. It is HIGHLY reccomended that you DO NOT use pressure on shingles as it will damage them, resulting in loss of life expectancy as well as a voided warranty! CentraFlo is certified in Roof Cleaning and use practices recommended by the roofing manufactures and backed by the leading organizations setting todays standards in contractor cleaning. In some cases, you can even get your roof cleaned with our safe practices under the original manufacture warranty!  (see ARMA article below)
WARNING: Do Not attempt this task on your own, or try to save money by hiring an amatuer!
This will only result in possible damages, chemical exposures, and dead plants! Let the certified experts handle the dangers of being on a roof. As a Contractor, we maintain up-to-date certifications, personal protective equipment, knowledge of chemicals, and experience along with full liability insurance. 

An article from the 'Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association'  regarding recommended methods of Cleaning and Algae/Moss growth prevention.

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