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"Chemicals?! ..wont that kill my plants?!"

In essence, our goal as roof cleaners, is to safely and effectively clean your roof. That means kill the moss, mold, and mildew growth (which essentially a plant). For us to effectively do this, it takes chemical, Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) to be exact. (this is the part where people's eye get big, and shy away quickly) "Well wont that kill my plants!?!!"

This is one of the most common questions we get, and the answer is YES! This moss and other growth you have on your roof is essentially a plant... as is your bushes. But we're not in the business of killing bushes and plants, or replacing bushes and plants, nor are we looking start!

The way it works, is we apply a strategic mix of SH, H20 (water) to your roof at almost NO pressure. Its more a fine mist. As the chemical hits the roof, it quickly starts working. We let the chemical dwell on the roof for a period of atleast 15 minutes which allows the SH to start acting and killing the growth on your roof. A common type of moss/algae growth here in florida is Gleocaspamagma and Lichen. As the SH starts working, it will actually open the bloom cuasing it to turn real dark black/brown. This is the chemical working and killing it!

Meanwhile, as we are on the roof spraying, we also have a crew on the ground with garden hoses spraying your landscaping. This watering starts from the time we arrive, to the time we leave with minimal breaks imbetween. By watering, we are diluting all/if any chemical run off before it has a chance to soak into the ground or be absorbed by the plant.

You see, SH is the same chemical used at many water treatment plants. Its in the water we drink, bath in, wash our clothes, and dishes. The difference is the concentration. Our roof cleaning concentration is much highter than your tap water. So we are simply diluting the concentration to a safe, enviromentally freindly state.

So, yes, we do use chemical. And yes, it can kill your plants. But in the 12 years ive been doing this, I have yet to replace any plants, have any complaints, or make any claims on our insurance. As many in the industry say, "the solution to polution is dilution!". May your plants live a long a prosperous life!

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