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8,000 sq/ft Tile Roof Cleaning w/ Rope Operation!

Last week we cleaned a stunning 2 story luxury home in Alaqua Lakes' Reserve. The Total square footage was right at 7,931 sq/ft, and took a total of about 5.5 hours!

Due to the moderate pitch and elevation of the roof, we decided to run a technical rope operation with a complex system. This system was built by using anchors on the roof, creating a high line, and a lead with a fall arrest device. Its times like these that we are extremely privileged to be Certified Rope Technicians with the ability to setup a SAFE operation!

While we love cleaning roofs, we also love going home to our families at the end of the day! Running a SAFE operation is how we accomplish that!

Enjoy some fantastic pictures caught from drone videographer! (edited video coming soon!)

CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning can handle all your pressure washing and roof cleaning needs in Orlando Florida. We are certified in roof cleaning. We offer commercial and residential services.

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