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Roof Cleaning - Soft wash VS Pressure wash

"I need someone to pressure wash my roof"...

Woahhhh nelly.. stop right there! For the sake of all mankind, DO NOT let anyone pressure wash your roof! This causes IRREVERSABLE damage and can result in voided warranties for your roof!

CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning offers roof cleaning that utilizes what the industry calls "Soft wash". Basically we apply a cleaning detergent to your roof similar to a fine mist. The pressure is less than that of your garden hose. By cleaning the roof this way, we are able to not only save the integrity of the roof material, but we are actually killing the algae and moss growth, lasting much longer than a cleaning done with a pressure washer. When pressure washing, all thats being accomplished is blowing the tops of the buds from the flower. The roof will asthetically look cleaner, however, the roots are still there.

Its like pulling weeds in your yard. Since as early as you can remember, your told to make sure you get the roots when your pulling weeds, otherwise it will grow right back.... same here!

Dont forget to call CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning for your Roof cleaning needs in all of central florida including orange county, seminole county, orlando, windermere, winter park, maitland, casselberry, winter springs, longwood, lake mary, heathrow, oviedo, sanford.

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